A Look At How CRT Impacts Freedom

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The best road to progress is freedom’s road.

— John F. Kennedy

There is something very confused within a society when people are not free enough to follow their conscience and maintain their job. When an ideology — any ideology — moves into policy, we are deluding ourselves if we think we value freedom.

Professor Aaron Kindsvatter is one example of a tenured educator currently not free enough to disagree with a belief system without jeopardizing his job. In this YouTube video he says,

“Would you (University of Vermont) please disallow policy proposals that give me a false choice between…

And MLK’s message doesn’t …


Whenever my friend and I get together we often end up watching some thought provoking film and having a deep — and sometimes difficult — conversation. And recently we set out to watch Mike Nayna’s three part Youtube documentary about what happened to Bret Weinstein at Evergreen State College when critical race theory (CRT) began to sweep the campus.

The film is eighty six minutes long and it took us about fifty minutes to get through the first thirty five before we decided to end it for the night. My friend, who largely agrees with ‘the woke ideology’, kept pausing…

How We Think Changes What We Think — and what does compassion have to do with this anyway?


I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the dynamics of partisanship and how I saw my way out of it (which is not to say it may not creep in from time to time) and in a nutshell, I can say it involved a commitment to intellectual honesty over emotion.

When my political views were largely partisan there was an inconsistency in my thinking — my line of reasoning was dishonest. It was difficult for me to listen to others who criticized those in my party even though I often internally acknowledged the criticism was warranted. …

But what if ‘My Side’ is more like a circle?


My friend became frustrated as he asked me questions about my political views trying to figure out what side I am on and in exasperation he said, “You have to pick a side. You can’t continue to not stand for anything.” And I responded that I stand for the values within the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

We’re so conditioned to think in terms of ‘this or that’ that we often feel uncomfortable with or confused by those who don’t fit into our neat little boxes.

Martin Luther King, Jr was one of those people who didn’t fit into any…

How my conversations with Republicans and Democrats helped

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Over the past few months, I’ve had several conversations with those on both sides of the political aisle and in all of them those on the left felt those on the right were the problem and those on the right felt those on the left were the problem. And as I tried to point out how I saw a large part of the problem as that very way of thinking I began to notice two patterns on both sides of the aisle.

The first was how they both used the same reasoning to try and justify their ‘us vs. …

Going From ‘Us vs Them’ to ‘We’

There was a time when I was very conservative in my views and I thought I was right and everyone with differing views was wrong. And then there was a time when I was very liberal in my views and I thought I was right and everyone with differing views was wrong.

During both of those stages it felt like a kind of battle between good and evil. …

Universal Principles Are the Foundation

I’ve always been one who wants to get to the bottom of things. To what’s underneath opposing ideas — to universal principles where we can all come together. And even as a young child I felt there surely had to be such principles — it just couldn’t be that spinning our wheels with the continual fighting was the only option.

Not that we’d ever get to a place where all would be rosy, without any conflict — but that discussion, disagreement and even conflict would be at a completely different level than it is right now. Discussion would be at…

And How Can People Not Hurt?

Eldra Jackson’s journey goes from abuse — to a life of crime — to prison — to freedom. And not only freedom from an external prison but from an internal one as well.

Our own journey may not be as extreme as Eldra Jackson’s. We may not have ended up in a physical prison but it’s likely that everyone of us can relate to being in some kind of inner prison of confusion, fear, stress, negativity, self loathing and on and on. …

And How UBI Can Help Uncover Them

‘The idea that we have an abundance of resources has gotten us in trouble environmentally in the past’ was a comment left in response to my article titled A Call to a New Way of Thinking and I agree with that comment — kind of.

When our thinking around abundance is limited to only certain types of resources, like oil or gas, then it’s easy ‘to get in trouble’. The earth tends to suffer and so do we — unnecessarily.

Many problems we face, such as the need for more water in desert areas or energy that is sustainable and…

Dhyana Stanley

I see the purpose of spirituality and politics the same — us just trying to make sense of things. Author, meditation teacher. www.dhyanastanley.com

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